Professor Dimitris Dionisios Koutsouris

Prof. Dimitris Koutsouris was born in Serres, Greece in 1955. He received his Diploma in Electrical Engineering in 1978 (Greece), DEA in Biomechanics in 1979 (France), Doctorat in Genie Biologie Medicale (France), Doctorat d’ Etat in Biomedical Engineering 1984 (France). Since 1986 he was research associate on the USC (Los Angeles), Renè Dèscartes (Paris) and Assoc. Professor at the Dept. of Electrical & Computers Engineering of National Technical University of Athens. He is currently Professor and head of the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory. He has published over 100 research articles and book chapters and more than 150 conference communications. He has been the former elected president of the Hellenic Society of Biomedical Technology. Prof. D. Koutsouris has been principal investigator in many European and National Research programs, especially in the field of Telematics in Healthcare.


tel: +30-2107723926

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